CARE s.r.l. is a company, connected as academic Spin-Off with the University of Perugia (Italy). The group has been created within the Department of Economics and Appraisal of Faculty of Agriculture, University
of Perugia.
It is composed of university professors and technical-scientific staff, professionals, graduated experts, and a non profit association, the Centre for the rural and agricultural development (Ce.S.A.R.).
CARE provides a service of assistance specialized in environmental subjects, for both private firms and public bodies. We work using an  innovative approach, based on the concept of “unified management”. We also created an original tool, the environmental network “EnviNet”.

Unified management means:

for firms: a management of environmental compliances integrated  and consistent, able to avoid duplications and to ensure a full compliance;

for public bodies: a management of environmental tasks able to avoid overlaps, to simplify the environmental authorizations processes, to improve the environmental assessment processes, integrating the different steps starting from the environmental policies development stage.



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  • Antonio Boggia

    Scientific Director and Founding member of CARE; Associate Professor in Environmental Economics and Appraisal at University of Perugia; Scientific Coordinator of the Umbrian Regional Observatory for biodiversity, rural landscape and sustainable planning.

    I am a predestined: my favorite color, since I was a child, is green!

    The most beautiful sight to me is the starry sky, my strength is humility, my weakness .... is my favorite football team.

    I am strictly vegetarian.

    A better world is a dream that begin to be realized when each of us decides to improve himself | Mahatma Gandhi
  • Luisa Paolotti

    Founding member of CAREPost Doc at University of Perugia; PhD in Agrifood Economics and Politics.

    I believe that the Environment cannot wait anymore, and I would like to contribute to safeguard the natural resources of our Planet, carrying on the culture of respect, through my work but also my style of life.

    Great lover of cats, and of all animals, vegetarian since about ten years, passionate for natural and healthy food. I love seaside, travelling, visiting new places and returning in those in which I just have been.

    I went to the woods because I wanted to live with wisdom and deep, and suck out all the marrow of life. To rout all that was not life and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived | Henry David Thoreau 
  • Angela Pitteri

    Founding member and President of CARE; Marketing responsible in CARE -  Creator of EnviNet; Agronomist.

    Vegetarian, lover of natural food.

     I love walking barefoot on the sand and on the lawns.

    Sea, sky, forest: everything that is Nature is my friend.

    Together we can make this a better world | Jane Goodall
  • Francesco Pennacchi

    Founding member of CARE; Full Professor in Environmental Economics at University of Perugia; Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture (since 2003 to 2013); President of the Conference of Deans of Agriculture Italian Faculties (since 2008 to 2012).

    In the first part of my career I dealt with the issues of operative research, and management of farms; in the last 20 years I focused on several themes connected with environmental sustainability. I am the oldest in the group, but the other friends don’t care about it. I love nature and trekking. 

    If the beauty that the earth owes to the things must be destroyed by an unlimited wealth of the population, then I sincerely hope, for the sake of posterity, that this wealth will be content to remain stationary for a long time before being forced by necessity | John Stuart Mill, Principles of Political Economy, 1848.
  • Ce.S.A.R.

    The centre for the rural and agricultural development (Ce.S.A.R.) is a no profit association, promoting and realizing the development and provision of training, research and consultancy services , nationally and internationally, for the rural development, environment and agroindustrial sectors.  

  • Filippo Fiume Fagioli

    Board Advisor of CARE srl - Chief Financial Officer

Basic Service

Check up: check up on the situation of the firm, and on the fulfilment of environmental norms;
Diagnosis formulation: what is wrong in the firm and why;

 planning of the technical and administrative actions necessary to comply with environmental norms;

of achieving the adoption of best available techniques (BAT) from the environmental point of view.

Research of opportunities
: possibility of using fundings for environmental improvement;

Continous monitoring:
 monitoring of the stability of the firm situation, update and adaption to new environmental  norms.

Specific services

Development of models for environmental management.

Environmental certification.

Environmental planning.

Procedures related to environmental management
and evaluation for firms: environmental management systems, environmental impacts evaluation, integrated environmental authorization, environmental monitoring plans.

Legal assistance for any kind of controversy in environmental subjects.

LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) studies, at firm level: evaluation of environmental impact of products/services/systems, considering their whole life cycle.

Ecological Footprint Analysis of products/services/systems at firm level (total area required by an activity to produce all the resources it consumes and to absorb all the wastes it generates).


It is a computerized model, able to realize an integrated and coordinated management of the environmental fulfilments for the firms, avoiding overlap, redundancy, and also forgetfulness.

The folder lays in the reserved area, and it can be consulted and updated
both by CARE and by the client.

E-Folder allows:

Automatic creation of the forms for the authorizations;

Check of potential anomalies and non-compliance with environmental norms.

Warning about all dead lines.

Basic service

The main service available for public bodies is the development of models for reaching evironmental sustainability of territories, dealing with monitoring, data capture, evaluation and selection phases.

Specific services

- Support for normative and planning fulfilments, concerning environment and territory.

- Development of models for sustainable development of territories.

- Support in implementing environmental and sustainable development politics.

- Assistance in implementing environmental certification systems for public bodies, and territorial environmental certification.

- Assistance in implementing and managing local Agenda 21 programs.

- Strategic environmental evaluation of politics, programs and plans.

- Research, development and transfer of innovation; diffusion of knowledge about environmental subjects. 

- LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) studies, at territorial level: evaluation of environmental impacts of products/services/productive systems, considering their whole life cycle.

- Ecological Footprint Analysis of products/services/productive systems at territorial level (total area required by an activity to produce all the resources it consumes and to absorb all the wastes it generates).

Ideas for Sustainability

Envinet is an Environmental network, reserved to clients, aimed to obtain an effective and wide exchange of information and of assistance services, in real time.

Chameleon is an idea of CARE, a spin-off company of the University of Perugia specialized in environmental assistance to firms and public bodies, and of A+, a marketing and communication agency attentive to environmental issues.

 The chameleon is an animal that changes its color depending on the context in which it is located.

Chameleon deals with the organization of scientific and cultural events and with the management of public and private bodies, transforming them from potentially polluting to ecosustainable, changing their color from "grey" to "green."

Environmental Laboratory is a research group within the Department of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Sciences, of the University of Perugia. The research activity of the Laboratory consists of studies in the areas of environmental economics, politics, evaluation and assessment.

By using the results of its research the Laboratory wants to obtain the following objectives:

•  to disseminate the culture of respect for the environment,
•  to support public and private decision makers, to make their choices coherent with the sustainable development principles,
•  to promote a responsible management of natural resources. 

The business network ONE (One Network for the Environment) was created by the union of the services of 6 academic spin-offs operating in the environmental field, with the strategic objective of increasing, individually and collectively, their innovative capacity and competitiveness on the national and international markets. ONE bases its activities on the industrial exploitation of scientific research and technology transfer. CARE is one of the firms belonging to this network.

ONE applies, synergistically, the specific expertise of its partners (engineering, geology, agronomy, chemistry, sustainable economy), with the approach of coworking, developing the themes of environment, research, data acquisition and analysis for environmental monitoring, sustainable economy.

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